We believe that technology can

Our mission is to maximise human creativity and capacity to do good.
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The Ruliad ecosystem
4 branches of Ruliad work to ensure that technology is directed to maximise human potential.
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Liberating hospitality and retail

Pythagoras Technology

We are building cutting-edge social apps across the supply chain in retail and hospitality to give hard-working stakeholders an ability to monetise their expertise and unleash their talents.
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Social media of help


We are bringing together those who need help with those who can help them. From legal advice to psychological assistance — we are building the social media of help, a community of those who care.
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All children deserve a childhood

Circle of Toys

All children deserve a childhood. Circle of Toys allows people to send toys they no longer need to children who need them most, as part of the larger social media of help that we are developing.
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Make the impossible probable

Education Studios

We are developing platforms that integrate online and offline learning experiences into augmented games that identify player proclivities and give teachers a chance to become global influencers.
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Humanity always wins

Project Ukraine

We are uniting the best Ukrainian technologists to work on all of our high-impact projects — to unleash Ukraine’s technological potential and aid in the rebuilding of the country.
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AI and big data are rapidly evolving into our brains’ tertiary layer. We are developing solutions that motivate and channel people's passions most effectively in line with that.

We are harnessing the power of technology to maximise humanity.

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Arthur Corvin Powells, CEO

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